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Our academic program provides opportunity for in-depth study in many areas, including business, criminal, international, family, real estate, and tax law, among others. Certificate programs and concentrations further bolster your academic options in fields such as immigration, compliance, family law, and intellectual property.

Curriculum at New England Law | Boston

New England Law School Curriculum

Electives make up half of a student’s course load, providing plenty of freedom to choose. The breadth of doctor of law curriculum offerings, with more than 100 electives, enables students to explore, experiment, and familiarize themselves with different areas of interest. In their last two years of law school, students also can choose from an extensive array of legal clinics, working with real clients and attorneys, and simulation courses that encourage hands-on learning.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

 Upon graduation, a student will:

  1. Demonstrate core knowledge sufficient for entry into the legal profession.
  2. Be able to engage in legal analysis, research law, apply law to resolve problems, and effectively communicate both orally and in writing.     
  3. Understand professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system, including an appreciation for the power of the law and legal professionals to affect the lives and well-being of individuals and communities.
  4. Demonstrate other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession.

Required Courses

Required courses in the JD degree curriculum are the foundation for more advanced legal study in the second year and beyond. Our law degree curriculum provides the basis for the contemporary practice of law. 

You can view course requirements on the representative full-time JD program schedule.

Legal Clinics

New England Law students begin taking legal clinics as early as the start of their second year. Clinics help students find areas of the law that are of the greatest interest and help to build expertise in these areas. Clinical work also elevates a student’s résumé and enhances readiness for the bar exam.

Summer Courses

New England Law offers a number of courses each summer. The summer courses are open to current New England Law students and students in good standing at any ABA-accredited U.S. law schools and at Canadian and European university law programs.

For more information, please e-mail the Registrar at

Study Abroad

Summer and semester study abroad programs, as well as a wide variety of international externships are available to New England Law students.