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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dean Brown

Law school isn’t just about the discussions that happen inside the classroom. Sometimes the conversations that you have in the hallway, the library, and around campus— the casual ones, are some of the most valuable. Even when you just leave the exchange having learned a little more about a fellow classmate, professor, mentor, or administrator. 

During the 2020-2021 academic year, we’ve missed many of these face-to-face interactions. Since the pandemic has limited casual drop in visits, we asked Dean Brown to fill out a mad-libs style questionnaire so that we could learn a little more about the man behind the Dean’s desk. 


1. My first job was at ___Dunkin Donuts as a cleaner___.


2. I really respect ___Astronauts___, because I don’t think I could ever do their job. 


3. My favorite place to get takeout from in Boston is ___Legal Seafood___.


4. I consider myself above average at ___competing in triathlons and guitar playing___.


5. Causes related to ___helping veterans and stopping child exploitation___, are close to my heart.


6. The coolest thing in my office is ___all the Rock n’ Roll memorabilia___.


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7. The one series I can re-watch over and over again and still love is ___Vikings___.


8. I haven’t traveled to ___Italy___ yet, but I hope to one day!


9. I once tried to pick up ___tennis___ but failed miserably. 


10. The first concert I ever went to was ___Bachman Turner Overdrive___, the best 

concert I ever went to was ___me playing with Cheap Trick in Australia___.

For the latest on what the Dean’s been up to, or to learn more about Dean Brown (like— why he decided to go to law school!) pop over to the Dean’s Corner.