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Center for Business Law Recent Events

Open Discussion on the Market Basket Saga

October 23, 2014.  This free-flowing, faculty/student discussion concerned the recent Market Basket/Demoulas saga.  Facilitators included business organizations faculty, past and present (Professors Bishop, Dussias, Finneran, and Lustig). Many, if not all, faculty members are looking to bring this fascinating series of events into the classroom, and some hope to mine these issues for writing projects. This "incubator" event was intended to provide starting points for future inquiry.

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Spring 2014 Conference: Is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Still Relevant?

Experts in real estate financing and payment laws addressed promissory notes, mortgages, payment systems, foreclosures, and other issues at the annual Center for Business Law conference on February 27, 2014. Co-sponsors included the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest. Click for complete information.

Spring 2013 Conference

International Commercial Transactions:  Sales of Goods and Cross-Border Financing

The Center for Business Law hosted leading authorities from the United States, Canada, and Ireland to address current issues in International Sales and Financing.  This conference took place on February 21, 2013, and was co-sponsored by the New England Law | Boston Center for International Law and Policy, Massachusetts Bar Association, and the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest.

Benefit Corporations–Is There A Benefit?

November 7, 2012

In August 2012, Massachusetts recognized benefit corporations with the addition of Chapter 156E to the General Laws. While traditional for-profit corporations must focus on maximizing investor return, benefit corporations can prioritize social and environmental impacts. In addition, increased transparency via extensive reporting and third-party performance assessments is fostered. Yet questions remain as to their differences with existing For Profit and Nonprofit entities. This colloquium closely examined benefit corporations’ structure, governance, and societal impact, while determining if there are substantial incentives associated with them.

Discussants included Mary Beckman, assistant attorney general and division chief, Nonprofit-Organizations/Public Charities Division, MA Attorney General's Office, and Carter Powers, chief operations officer, Dimagi Inc.

Background information

Spring 2012 Conference

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Is the Code Exploding or Imploding?

This conference took place on February 16, 2012, and was co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association.