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“The law school's global perspective and commitment to finding solutions to international legal challenges is expressed through our center's courses, programs, and career options, whether they take place in Boston or around the globe.”

Professor Lisa Laplante, director, Center for International Law and Policy

International Law and Policy Law Degree

International Law Programs: The Center for International Law and Policy

New England Law | Boston students integrate scholarship and advocacy in a global context.

The Center for International Law and Policy (CILP) at New England Law | Boston was established in 1996 to promote the study and understanding of the relationship between international law and policy, with special emphasis on problems of an economic, environmental, criminal, or humanitarian nature. To this end, the Center sponsors research, publication, teaching, pro bono assistance, and the dissemination of knowledge in these areas.

Through the international law school programs of CILP, students and faculty collaborate to research, analyze, and provide resource documents on topics related to current international legal issues. Students also immerse themselves in the practice of international law during domestic and international externships.

International Legal Externships

CILP offers unique semester-long externship programs with sites in The Netherlands and Washington, D.C. Students are assisted with the qualification process and gain hands-on experience working on international legal issues.

CILP offers a semester of academic credit to those selected for placement with the following organizations:


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International Law Concentration

Whether you’re passionate about human rights law, international business, global economic regulations, or all of the above, you can explore your interests and develop marketable skills related to international law through this concentration. Learn more

Immigration Law Certificate

Immigration Law is a dynamic field that features highly rewarding and exciting job opportunities. New England Law | Boston has responded to the growth in this specialty with a certificate, which provides students with a further focus while in law school and additional credentials for when they enter the job market. Learn more

Summer Fellowship Program

The New England Law | Boston Summer Fellowship Program aids New England Law students in their efforts to gain valuable practice experience during the summer after their first year of law school and, for students in the part-time program, their second year. The New England Law Board of Trustees has pledged that each fellow will receive a stipend of $3,500 to assist with summer living expenses. Learn more

International Law Conferences

To promote the development of global legal work, New England Law often presents international law conferences and programs each year on pressing topics. These might include expert speaker panels, film screenings, or other events. Center activities enable students to gain front-line experience, which is an important step in building careers in international law and international policy.

International Law Career Pathways Panel

Panelists working in a range of public and private international law projects discussed how they became involved, and students learned how to maximize their law school experience to be prepared for international law careers. You can watch a video of this presentation here.

How can aspiring international law practitioners best take advantage of New England Law | Boston's many programs and opportunities? Click on this link to find out!

For More Information

Please email Professor Lisa Laplante, CILP director,, to find out more about CILP's programs and events.

You can also explore these opportunities in more detail through this CILP memo to aspiring internation law students