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Mentoring A New Generation of Legal Leaders
Professors are elite scholars, high-level practitioners, and judicial leaders who are not just excited about the law, but dedicated to teaching it-and to mentoring a new generation of practitioners and thought leaders. 

Engaged Community

Embracing opportunities to make an impact.

You’ll find members of the New England Law | Boston community working across a broad spectrum of research, scholarship, and professional practice, throughout the country, and around the globe. But the one place you won’t find them is on the sidelines.
That’s because the core characteristic that defines the spirit of this remarkable community is engagement. Faculty members are drawn to New England Law because they share a passion for teaching and a commitment to mentoring. Alumni are setting the pace among their peers in environmental justice, entrepreneurship, criminal prosecution, and international human rights. Students embrace the opportunities of the supportive and diverse environment of the New England Law community and its downtown Boston location.
New England Law has maintained an enduring and deeply held commitment to increasing diversity in the legal profession, and our 100-year history includes being founded as the first law school exclusively for women. From that proud beginning to today’s coeducational campus, New England Law has been a destination for those seeking academic excellence as they blaze their own path.
The faculty includes distinguished scholars and practitioners who are dedicated to teaching and engaging with students. They have years of experience as successful attorneys in many disciplines, and this breadth of expertise prepares students to succeed in law school, pass the bar, and make their mark in the legal forums and locales of their choice. 
New England Law’s student activities include dozens of student organizations along with special programs and volunteer opportunities, through which many students enhance their experiential learning. A wide range of pro bono legal positions builds practical skills and networks that can lead to further opportunities. 
This has always been a community that cherishes academic excellence and launches groundbreaking practitioners. Alumni include a civil rights hero, the Commonwealth's lieutenant governor, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury's comptroller of the currency.
When you step on campus, you feel the energy. When you meet with professors, you sense the commitment. When you talk with students and alumni, you hear the passion.