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Law School Diversity in the Classroom
Law School Minority Students

Diversity invigorates our strong and supportive community

The decision to become a lawyer requires a determination to undertake the significant commitment that law school and the legal profession demand. For its part, a law school must provide a superior education and an encouraging atmosphere that is responsive to the needs of its students. New England Law integrates exceptional academics and support programs to create a welcoming environment for individuals from a multitude of backgrounds.

New England Law was founded in 1908 to provide legal education to women at a time when they were often excluded from advanced professional study.  This legacy of encouraging diversity in law school has expanded over the years to include and support others from groups that historically have faced obstacles as they strive to reach their professional goals.

Charles Hamilton Houston Enrichment Program

In 1990, New England Law established the Charles Hamilton Houston Enrichment Program (CHHEP) to address racial bias, promote law school diversity, and help alleviate the isolation that minority students might feel in some law school environments. CHHEP has helped create a community in which students’ varied backgrounds and experiences contribute to the intellectual and social life of the school.

Named in honor of Charles Hamilton Houston, the first general counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, CHHEP welcomes all students concerned about issues of race and ethnicity. Activities include networking events, mentorship, speakers, and discussion groups that build and strengthen the community.

First Generation Students Program

Being a first-generation student comes with unique challenges—as a significant number of our law students can attest. That’s why our First Generation Students Program was created: to ensure all New England Law students, regardless of their background, find a welcoming community and the tools to succeed in law school and beyond.

The program includes monthly events featuring tailored advice for first-generation law students, covering topics such as networking, the postgraduate job search, mental health and wellness, and more. Students also have opportunities to meet first-generation lawyers from our alumni community, socialize with fellow first-gen students, and receive one-on-one counseling. Program director Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa brings to the group her own experiences of growing up in the United States as an immigrant child of parents who placed a high premium on education but did not attend college. 

All New England Law students who are either the first in their family to attend college and/or professional school are eligible and encouraged to join the First Generation Students Program.

Contact Professor Teixeira de Sousa to learn more.

Career Opportunities for Minority Students

The Career Services Office (CSO) provides a variety of opportunities for minority students. The CSO actively supports students’ attendance at local and national job fairs targeted to minority candidates. Services also include mentoring, assistance with interviewing skills, and CSO programs, as well as networking opportunities with attorneys and alumni and at bar association events.

“Students are also encouraged to participate in the Boston Lawyers Group, an organization devoted to identifying, recruiting, advancing and retaining attorneys of color,” notes Mandie LeBeau, director of Career Services.

CSO activities like these help pave the way for many of our minority students to receive offers from top employers in both the private and public sectors.

Student Organizations

Our student organizations include the following; you'll find a complete listing here.