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Best Law Faculty

Students agree that "New England Law is the true Boston gem."  –  Princeton Review (online 2010)

If you ask students or graduates of New England Law | Boston what most impresses them about their education, nearly all of them will begin by talking about the law school faculty. They will describe their law school professors as knowledgeable, well qualified, and unusually devoted to teaching and accessible to students.

Full-time legal faculty members share the benefits of their academic credentials and high-level practice experience. Because New England Law is located in the heart of Boston, adjunct faculty are drawn from a pool of outstanding practitioners, including more than a dozen judges. U.S. Supreme Court justices also bring their point of view to the classrooms of New England Law. Justices Antonin Scalia, Harry Blackmun, and Anthony Kennedy have guest-lectured on constitutional law, and Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts have taught in the school’s International Human Rights Program in Ireland.

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