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Pro Bono and Public Service Legal Work

New England Law | Boston provides many opportunities for students to engage in pro bono and public service legal work. Students can gain real world legal experience while:

Students interested in volunteer (pro bono) legal work may identify opportunities through the law school's academic centers, the opportunities listed on the Career Services Office website, and generally through the our pro bono coordinator, Nicole Park.

Volunteer Legal Opportunities through Academic Centers

Center for Law and Social Responsibility

Criminal Justice Project

Education Law Project

Human Rights and Immigration Law Project

Women's and Children's Advocacy Project

Center for Business Law

Center for International Law and Policy

Volunteer Legal Opportunities through the Career Services Office

These opportunities are listed on the Symplicity website. Contact Nicole Park for more information.

Students are also encouraged to pursue individual opportunities to engage in pro bono and public service work. Volunteer legal opportunities in Massachusetts are more easily found on

Public Service Transcript Notation Program

Students whose pro bono or public interest legal work is unpaid and without credit are eligible to receive a transcript notation through the Public Service Transcript Notation Program, approved by the Public Service Project at the Center for Law and Social Responsibility.