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Law School Study Abroad Programs

International Legal Program Student

International Legal Programs

Law School Study Abroad Programs & International Summer Programs

With seven law study-abroad programs to choose from, our students are immersed in the structure and practice of international legal systems—which in turn strengthens their understanding of the American system.

Through the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education (CILE) (a group of four independent law schools with international law programs including joint study abroad law programs, visit-in programs to provide geographic flexibility for students, and other creative programming and services for the four schools), students can study abroad for either a semester or a summer through international legal programs. Courses of study include international and comparative law topics in such areas as human rights, juvenile justice, human rights in intellectual property and corporate law, civil and criminal lawsuits (comparing U.K. and U.S.), constitutional history (comparing U.K. and U.S.), environmental law, and international mediation.

Per American Bar Association requirements, no student will be permitted to attend class for more than 220 minutes per day.

For further information

For further information on the CILE Summer Programs listed below, please contact Professor Monica Teixeira de Sousa; (617) 422-7271. For other international programs please contact the Registrar's Office, (617) 422-7215.

CILE Summer Programs

Students attending a CILE summer program do not need advance approval to earn New England Law course credit, and grades received are included on New England Law transcripts.

Law School Semester Abroad Programs 

  • University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • University of Leiden, the Netherlands

All semester abroad study must be approved by the Dean’s Office. Participation in semester abroad programs may also be limited by program size constraints.

ABA Approved Summer Law School Abroad Programs

New England Law students may enroll in any summer study law abroad programs approved by the American Bar Association. Courses must be approved in advance to earn New England Law credit, and grades are not accepted for inclusion on New England Law transcripts.