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The New England Law | Boston Summer Fellowship Program


New England Law’s innovative Summer Fellowship Program helps jumpstart your legal career. Summer fellows gain hands-on legal work experience and develop valuable connections with practicing attorneys while receiving a $3,500 school-paid stipend for 300 hours of work at a law firm, court, government agency, or other legal organization over an 8-10 week span between the last day of first-year final exams and the first day of the fall semester. Upon completing their summer work experience, summer fellows must return to New England Law as upper-class students and participate in the Pay-it-Forward program, through which they share their experiences and help strengthen the law school community.

Who is eligible?

Full-time students who are completing their first year of law school and part-time students who are completing their first or second year of law school and have not previously participated in the program are eligible to apply to participate in the New England Law Summer Fellowship Program.

How do I apply?

Students can find summer fellowship positions through the Career Services Office's Career Advising Network (CAN) site (powered by 12Twenty) by searching for unpaid internships or law clerk positions. Students should apply directly for the positions that are of interest to them. Potential supervisors will conduct interviews at their convenience.

Students may also secure a summer fellowship through their own networking, independent research, or other job search resources.

In either case, once a student is selected by a supervisor, the student may seek a summer fellowship stipend by submitting the Fellowship Approval Request Form.

For a position to be approved for inclusion in the Summer Fellowship Program, it must:

  • be unpaid;
  • offer approximately 300 hours of legal or law-related work during a span of 8-10 weeks under the supervision of a practicing attorney or judge;
  • not constitute partisan political work; and
  • end before the start of classes for the fall semester.

Part-time fellowships (fewer than 8 weeks and/or fewer than 300 hours) may be approved by the Associate Dean on a case-by-case basis. Students seeking part-time fellowships should indicate this on the Fellowship Approval Request Form.

Once a position is approved for inclusion in the Summer Fellowship Program, a student will receive a stipend agreement. Students must sign and return the agreement within two weeks of receiving it. Any student who submits a request for approval and does not hear back from a program organizer within 10 days should contact Director of Faculty Services Patricia Gresham ( and inquire.

All positions must be approved by May 31 to be included in the given year's Summer Fellowship Program. Students still seeking fellowships after May 31 should contact Associate Dean Allison Dussias ( to see if it is still possible to obtain one.

What happens during the summer, and how do I log my hours?

Students should arrange to start their summer work after the last day of final exams. Once students begin their fellowship work, at the end of each work week students must submit their time. Late and missing time submissions can impact a student's receipt of summer stipend checks. Students can access the time submission portal by clicking on the “Log SFP Hours” button below and should submit their hours every Saturday, any time between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., during their fellowship period. The given week’s portal closes at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Students should log in to the portal using their law school email address and their password.

Students who arrange with their supervisors to spend a week or more away from their fellowship during the fellowship period—whether for vacation, study abroad, or some other reason—must record “0” hours on the Saturday of such weeks. Any student having trouble submitting hours should contact the Career Services Office at Students should not record commuting hours, vacation hours, or sick time as fellowship hours. Students should record as fellowship hours regular lunch breaks or similar breaks during the work day and time spent traveling from one work location to another during the work day. Students with questions about whether to count certain hours or activities as fellowship hours should contact Professor Peter Manus, faculty co-coordinator of the program, at Any student who is unable to meet his or her hours obligation should contact the Career Services Office at

During the fellowship, each fellow should seek both a mid-fellowship and end-of-fellowship performance review from his or her supervisor. The purpose of the review is to help the student gauge if his or her work is meeting the supervisor’s expectations and, if necessary, to help the student identify skills to focus on developing. Reminders will be sent during the summer to both students and supervisors encouraging these review meetings.

Any student who has questions or concerns during their summer fellowship should contact the Career Services Office at

When are the stipends disbursed?

The law school issues stipend payments to students whose weekly time submissions are up to date. The stipend will be paid in two or three installments, depending on when the student’s fellowship begins. A fellow who begins by mid-May will receive three installments (mid-June, mid-July, and shortly after Labor Day) of approximately $750, $1,250, and $1,500, respectively. A fellow who begins after mid-May will receive two installments (mid-July and shortly after Labor Day) of approximately $1,250 and $2,250, respectively. Fellows who neglect to stay current with their weekly time submissions will not receive timely stipend checks. Students who do not perform the expected hours may receive prorated stipends.


The Pay-it-Forward program is an integral and required part of the Summer Fellowship Program. Summer fellows commit to returning to New England Law as upper-class students to "pay forward" their fellowship experiences by serving as informal mentors to the next class of students and enriching the community generally through participation in cocurricular activities.

During the academic year after the fellowship, returning fellows must spend at least three hours on one or a combination of law school-sponsored non-credit-bearing activities. Students must log their Pay-it-Forward hours by clicking on the button below, which takes students to the Pay-it-Forward portal. For further information, please see the Pay-it-Forward Guidelines.