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Welcome to New England Community Information Network

Welcome to "NECIN" (the New England Community Information Network). NECIN is a useful communications tool that provides students with a wealth of detailed information, enabling them to better manage their law school experience. Students can review their grades and schedules and register for courses online, among other functions.

Law Student Services

NECIN allows students to see grades for courses completed during the semester as they are entered and released by the Office of the Registrar. An unofficial transcript displays grades for courses completed in prior semesters. Students can also see their schedules and certain scheduling information including room numbers, meeting times, and course enrollments. Students are able to register for courses online via NECIN, as well as adjusting their course schedules (Add/Drop).


1. Your Web Browser. If your computer uses a Microsoft operating system, please use Internet Explorer 7.0 or a more recent version of Explorer to access NECIN. If you own a Macintosh computer, please use Internet Explorer 5.2.3 or a more recent version of Explorer to access the system. The school can only fully support Internet Explorer as an access tool, although a number of other browsers may provide complete or some access to the NECIN site. A number of older versions of Internet Explorer will not work with NECIN.

2. Your User Name and Password. NECIN’s log-in page will ask for this information. Use your unique New England Law-provided ID number (the number that you write on bluebooks) as your User Name. If you have forgotten your password, proceed to NECIN website and click “I forgot my password.” If you have any other problems, please contact the TMS staff at (617) 422-7404 or

3. When You Can Review Your Grades. Each semester following the final examination period, grades will be posted on NECIN by the Office of the Registrar as soon as they are made available by faculty members and properly processed. You can view grades on NECIN every weekday afternoon, beginning at 5 p.m. “My Grades” is also available 24 hours a day on weekends. You will not be able to view grades from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, as the Office of the Registrar will be entering grades into the database during those hours. Also “My Grades” will be unavailable following spring semester final examinations on the day that Senior Rankings are being completed; that day normally falls in mid-May.

4. Online Registration. All students will be pre-registered into courses, as all course schedules are subject to a final review by the Office of the Registrar. If a problem is detected, the Office of the Registrar will contact you directly. Once the course schedules are reviewed and approved, a notation of “Current” will also appear next to all courses on the NECIN website.

5. Excess Traffic on the NECIN Site. During peak usage, users may experience a delay between web pages.

6. Submission of Grades by Professors to the Registrar. Please remember that grades generally must be submitted to the Registrar by a faculty member after the fall semester (5 weeks from the date of a final examination or final paper deadline) and after the spring semester (30 days from the date of a final examination or final paper deadline.) Also in the spring, the grades of senior students must be submitted earlier, before Commencement. The Office of the Registrar will process and enter all grades as they are received. If you do not see a grade for a course on NECIN, that means that the grades for that course have not been submitted.

7. Using the Back Button in NECIN. After you log in to NECIN, you might try to use your browser’s back button. If you do so, you may be given an error message that says "Warning: Page Has Expired." The warning message is built into the current release of the underlying software product and cannot be removed or bypassed by the law school. If you receive this message, you must click both the "refresh" button on your browser tool bar and the "retry" button in the pop-up box that appears, to reach the page you’re trying to locate. Any classes you have selected, but not added to your schedule will be lost.

NECIN provides unofficial information only

NECIN provides access only to unofficial transcripts. Law school communication to students regarding official transcripts will continue to take place by mail.

Problems you may encounter

You can check the accuracy of an online grade by comparing it to the grade reported for the same course in the transcript that is mailed to you.

Where to report problems

Problems concerning navigation through the site and usability or technical issues related to online registration: Please send e-mail messages concerning such problems to the school’s Help Desk. The address is: You may also call the Help Desk at (617) 422-7404.

Problems concerning the accuracy of grades and schedules, or inquiries about registering for courses online (non-technical questions) such as credits, requirements, course offerings, etc.: Please send e-mail messages concerning these problems to the Office of the Registrar. The address is You may also call the Office of the Registrar at (617) 422-7215.

Office of the Registrar will be available for support during all peak online registration times and also during regularly scheduled office hours.