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Pathways to the Profession of Law™

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How to Use Pathways to the Profession of Law™

In what area of law do you want to practice?  How do you obtain the necessary law school skills to enhance your ability to practice in that area after graduation?  What courses should you select each semester?  How do you create the right mix of courses for gaining legal expertise and knowledge, developing skills, exploring areas of legal practice, and preparing for the bar examination?  These are questions that New England Law | Boston intends to help you answer with Pathways to the Profession of Law ("Pathways").

Pathways is an online program that assists students in exploring various areas of legal practice and in selecting courses that will enhance their ability to gain the skills and expertise needed to practice in that area.  Thus, each pathway provides information about the practice of law and helps students make informed decisions regarding course selection and registration.  A few pathways are aimed more at developing particular skills, and one pathway is aimed at giving advice regarding preparation for the bar examination.  

Pathways was developed by our sister school in the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education—Mitchell Hamline School of Law—and has been adapted for use at New England Law with Mitchell Hamline’s permission.  Each pathway has an opening introduction that describes the area of legal practice, an actual pathway that suggests the courses and appropriate sequencing for that area of law, and a resources page that suggests additional activities, blogs, organizations, and other information related to that area of law.  Each pathway also includes a list of faculty who teach in that specific area of law, and their contact information. 

At the bottom of each pathway page, there is a link to sample schedules for both full- and part-time students, which you may use in designing your own schedule of courses at New England Law.  Some pathways may include a sample schedule that suggests what courses you might take in each semester.

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