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Student Bar Association

Executive Board

SBA Executive Board Group Photo

Left to Right from the Bottom: Idalis Vento, Laura Rodriguez, Cayla Barbour, Lexie Hulick, Marvin Barnett

President: Cayla Barbour, '18

Vice President-Day: Idalis Vento, '19

Treasurer: Laura Rodriguez '18

Chief Justice: Marvin Barnett, '18

DIrector of Communications: Lexie Hulick, '19


Non-Executive Board

ABA Delegate Alissa Koenig '18


3LD Representative

 SBA 3L Day group photo

Brigette Alexander

2LD Representatives

 SBA 2L Day group photoLeft to Right from Bottom: Meghan Huber, Pedro Familia, Philjay Solar, Alethea Dys

1LD Representatives

SBA-1L group photoLeft to Right from Bottom: Dylan Lang, Ashley Bodden, Kathleen Elliott, George Milonoukos